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Rich Froning Fittest Man on Earth Series – Episode 5

BSN Movie offers Abundant Froning Fittest Male on Earth Collection. Get to know the 2011 – 2012 CrossFit Games Champion Wealthy Froning as he sat down with BSN cameras…
Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. decimus81 says:

    dropping weights is for douchebags

  2. zacharywolford . says:

    i am here to let people know i want to become a bodybuilder and i am really
    looking for tips and advice to get where i need to get to. i want to be
    part of this life style not just to look good but to feel good with my self
    a stream and be proud that i reach goals and that i push my self to the max
    to get there so if anyone can help please i would take in any advice thanks

  3. jonathan martins says:

    Name of song on 1min30 ? I like that !!!!

  4. Carlos Rangel says:

    Why shirtless? He is not on the beach! Ridiculous!

  5. Patoencore says:

    Best coment ever.

  6. MoSkates NY says:


  7. Spankyscorner316 says:

    That was a very intelligent way of breaking it down. Good job!

  8. bobharrisa says:

    crossfitters juice aswell why wouldnt they? marathon runners and cyclists

  9. Starks Fitness says:

    Strength and mobility…but what about aerobic capacity? without that you
    do not have a CrossFitter.

  10. Andre Ledo says:

    there are various types of strength

  11. Starks Fitness says:

    A little more than just that…

  12. Andre Ledo says:

    fitness= strength+mobility

  13. mitjakaramatsov says:

    It’s the measurement cops use to determine how much alcohol you have in
    your blood 😀

  14. mitjakaramatsov says:

    Thanks. I guess I’ll have to start adding more stuff there… Ok, I’ll
    check it out. Laters dude.

  15. MassiveMainer says:

    I just subbed your channel my friend.. honesty is the best way.. and
    honestly your the man for responding hey if you ever have time you should
    check out my channel I could use more honest people checking it out

  16. Starks Fitness says:

    Rofl, where in the world did this come from? I’ve never even heard of

  17. mitjakaramatsov says:

    No to mention minimum drinking to 2 promille without throwing up, knocking
    out 2x guys your size in a bar fight, lifting a drunk woman off the floor,
    and being able to perform vigorous sex up to 3 hours. I state something
    similar to that when I want to piss people off in general…

  18. Starks Fitness says:

    My definition of a person being fit involves, at minimum, benching 1.5x
    body weight, squatting 2x body weight and deadlifting a little more than
    squat while also being able to perform vigorous cardio in bursts and
    moderate speed extended cardio (running a mile up to 5k). Generally I state
    something similar to that when I am talking to them about overall health,
    wellness, and training.

  19. mitjakaramatsov says:

    Yes they do, as do Olympic athletes, but there’s always ways around it.
    They just don’t use it prior to competitions. But if you look at Froning,
    his aerobic capacity can be achieved naturally. It’s the endless lifting of
    relatively heavy weights that’s suspect. My experience tells me you’d only
    need a relatively low testosterone dose to push into that zone. That
    Duracell Bunny energy they have is typical of moderate steroid use.

  20. MassiveMainer says:

    its shitty bro.. I want to compete in this.. but how can I beat someone who
    is on steroids.. do they even get tested at crossfit…

  21. mitjakaramatsov says:

    Come on man. None of them are…

  22. mitjakaramatsov says:

    I don’t understand what everyone’s bitching about. The entire term
    “fitness” became mainstream in the 90es. All the hardcore bodybuilders and
    powerlifters hated the term because it denoted some utopia of happiness
    through the pursuit of a middle ground between weightlifting and running
    around like a rabbit and dietary neuroticism. Wether it’s your thing or
    not, the term has remained quite unambiguous ever since.

  23. xerone10 says:

    I’d like to see him run endurance runs or do 30 burpee muscle ups in 4
    minutes and 10 secons.