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DIY: Long Sleeve Shirt to One Shoulder Top (No Sewing)

Please “Like” & “Subscribe” for a Diy Large Lower Skirt tutorial (no stitching necessary!) Who stated there is only a single way to put on a shirt?! I shared a photo of me …
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  1. Heather Anderson says:

    good idea!!! <3

  2. Julia Velasquez says:

    fuck my life…

  3. Kasih Mj says:

    I love u

  4. Elise Kennedy says:

    You are gorgeous!

  5. Tati Wright says:

    I love your videos!!

  6. Ilminia Geschenkjes says:

    Love this thanks for the video !

  7. Krisy723 says:

    So creative ! Great ideas 🙂

  8. فاطمه الغامدي says:


  9. sanju gurung says:

    its really cool n sexy…btw,nyce shirt…xD

  10. Euqi30 says:

    nice! 🙂

  11. dzkrzbtch says:

    I guess if you just wanna spend the money, then yeah. I turn my dresses
    into shirts all the time. It’s nice to be able change your look without
    spending more money.

  12. cinnaminss says:

    Thats true ! i turn tight dresses into mini skirts. The trick is to make
    sure no one knows what you did then you’ll be fine.

  13. Cami de Leon says:

    that’s cute

  14. cinnaminss says:

    well , its better to just buy a shirt like that!

  15. dzkrzbtch says:

    This isn’t meant to be a dress. It’s a top..

  16. Ghostnyu says:

    I Like it

  17. Foreveramiglad says:

    i like you

  18. Paulina Kuo says:

    Youre really gorgeous!

  19. MsChigaa says:

    You are so creative :D♥

  20. Cristina Lara says:

    I love your diy tutorials! Keep them coming!

  21. AnnaLena844 says:

    you are SOOOO creative 🙂 love it!