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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – Team BSN Profile

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is 1 of the world’s top CrossFit athletes and at the moment ranks as the 6th-fittest lady on Earth. She has concluded in the prime ten at …
Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. Aayush Shrestha says:

    Have you seen Morsch Muscle Madness? (Go google it) It is a quick way for
    you to bulk up fast.

  2. andre weightlifter says:

    “i have no proud” really smart girl…

  3. Woodchopper666 says:

    What is the name of the song at 1:45?

  4. EugeneMcOck says:

    Jay Cutler is much bigger

  5. PhibesLives says:

    What a heart breaker.

  6. olier1 says:

    How to be a partner the girl that is stronger than I am?

  7. Connor Sweeney says:

    “I take amino in the morning so I can have … amino in my body

  8. Gabriel Villanueva says:


  9. Goat Man says:

    Camille is just amazing! Such a beautiful down to earth girl! Marriage
    material without a doubt! lol

  10. Kulvinder Sharma says:

    My fat friend managed to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve seen in my
    life fall for him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s
    bad but I wish I became excited for him but I wish an attractive person
    would fall for me. I’m totally jealous. Does that make me a horrible person?

  11. Jonathan Lee says:

    Hot ass bitch!

  12. rey mysty says:

    I’m displeased. My step-brother sleeps above me and he just got brilliant
    with all women. The guy found the Master Attraction web page (Google it) by
    Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He’s consistently pulling
    ladies back and I can’t help but hear it, which is disgusting. If only he
    never discovered that site. My best companion just signed up and got a
    blowjob a week later.

  13. Tonje Helvig says:

    Greatest role model ever

  14. jtwisnumber1 says:

    oh shes so hot

  15. tegsar88 says:

    soooo your point is?

  16. Jebidiah Jenkins says:

    his belly works to his advantage a lot of the time, he uses it to hold guys
    in the mounted crucifix, and Roy admits to eating like shit, and if you
    think Camille is fat you’re a moron

  17. CloudsBeyond says:

    If you think Roy Nelson would not be better if he dropped body fat and lost
    that big belly, you are clueless!It does affect his mobility & speed,heck
    he can hardly see his feet with that big belly.In his last fight with
    Cormier had he not been such a fatty he would have been faster at closing
    on Cormier or getting out the way of his strikes.When you are doing hard
    cardio+weights+sparring etc + supposedly good diet training full time & you
    have big belly like Roy – you are doing something WRONG!

  18. CloudsBeyond says:

    STUPID point to make regarding Mr O & Fedor, when Mr O wil have little or
    no training in combat. ”Body fat has nothing to do with athleticism” =
    yes it does unless you are into Sumo wrestling etc. If you don’t think a
    lard ass like Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson in UFC would be better if he lost
    the belly & body fat you are clueless! It affects his mobility & speed.
    Underpants > ankles > I Fart hard in your general direction! Leave fight
    talk to the experts please.

  19. Brandon Chong says:

    Body fat has nothing to do with athleticism, sure you don’t want to be
    obese but i’ve read many articles about how the optimal body fat percentage
    for athletic competition is in the 10-20% range. Some people are naturally
    ripped, but most would feel like crap walking around in 5%. If you had a to
    place your life savings on a fight between flabby fedor vs last year’s Mr.
    Olympia winner, who would you take?

  20. Jebidiah Jenkins says:

    you obviously know nothing about fight conditioning, it isn’t as simple as
    be lean and have muscle, and mobility isn’t that simple either, body fat
    percentage literally means close to nothing in terms of fight conditioning
    especially at HW

  21. CloudsBeyond says:

    Was Fedor in the absolute best shape he could be in? Is Roy Nelson in the
    absolute best shape he could be in? NO to both! You think otherwise you are
    the idiot posting Turd-itional nonsense. Fedor & Roy Nelson are fatties
    with high body fat – something diet/training etc was not right or could
    have been improved. Muscle functions better than fat for a fighter(doesn’t
    mean you have to be ripped).Check Roy’s last fight against Cormier had he
    lost that fat first he would have moved a lot better!

  22. Jebidiah Jenkins says:

    you’re stupid if you think that having excess flab had anything to do with
    Fedor losing, look at Cain, he’s not ripped, DC again not ripped, Barnett,
    Browne etc…

  23. 2012siukit says:

    more like bad forms

  24. Amal Tharanga says:

    Have you experienced Max Muscle Method? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way to bulk up fast.

  25. CloudsBeyond says:

    Maybe she doesn’t but you missed my point – if you are training hours a day
    (doing cardio, weights, gymnastics, etc) and are an elite athlete you are
    doing something wrong if results aren’t noticeable or they could be
    achieved by someone doing a lot less. Take for e.g. Fatty Fedor in MMA to
    have that high bodyfat with all that training he was doing something wrong
    & could have been a factor in his 3 major ass kickings.