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The subsequent video clip was aired at the 2011 CrossFit Game titles during the opening ceremonies. If you have close friends that are on the fence about checking out what Cro…
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  2. Adam Steed says:

    No reference to the African lands at all huh? like the Zulus who ran bare
    footed with thousands of warriors for exceedingly long distances to oppose
    British… oh wait… I see why Crossfit left that out..

  3. dez kev says:

    Bitch i dont know what crossfit is…!!!

  4. deepak ghimire says:

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    Stagger”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  5. Jesus Trevilla magaña says:

    No hay pretexto

  6. Mark MacDonald says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. MissLilRedRooster says:

    Crossfit took a bunch of workouts that have been used in cross-training
    methods for other sports, put them all together, and then called that
    collection of workouts a sport. Basically, it made everyday people feel
    like they, too, were athletes, because they were really good at doing what
    elite athletes do in addition to their legitimate sport. And they’re making
    bank on it. Brilliant marketing, really.

  8. DrOctopusBJJ says:

    A lot of working out, but where is all of the sport she’d talking about?

  9. Paul Ramsay says:

    CrossFit fills a much-needed gap in our culture. So many people grow up
    playing sports, and it becomes a big part of their identity, and then they
    finish school and can’t keep that part of their life going. But if instead
    of seeing yourself as a baseball player, basketball player, whatever… you
    see yourself as an athlete, and you compete not for a score, but to be FIT
    for your whole life, then you can keep fulfilling that part of your

  10. Leo Kevin Mendiola says:

    Become your own potential.. #Fitness

  11. The Zeal for Life Challenge says:

    CrossFit has taken the world by storm with its effective and fun interval
    training. Have you or would you try it?

  12. Pedro Ricardo says:

    Some of this exercises are *sick* !!! 🙂

  13. Wesley Nelsen says:
  14. J.C. Brown says:


  15. Robert Adams says:

    I watch this everyday before i work out…

  16. Cristobal Hammersley says:


  17. Dino Corvino says:

    Child like joy in carrying the day

  18. CrossFit HH says:

    Why CrossFit?

  19. TheTrueDiesel says:

    Honestly the only thing that caught my eye about CrossFit is that it is a
    program that is similar to that of Marine PT training. As far as the HIIT
    group aspects of it. Of course its at a much higher level than any form of
    Military PT would ever reach. Gym memberships are great, but do not offer
    the competitive aspects that CF does, which, in my case as in many others,
    helps one push themselves a little further than normal. its what Im used to
    & weight lifting gets repetitive and boring.

  20. amy Patterson says:

    This is awesome!!

  21. RadekPoncio says:

    If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  22. senorbeast09 says:

    Let me put an end to this….. THE ONLY THING CROSSFIT MAKES YOU BETTER AT,
    IS CROSSFIT. bodybuilding gives you an aesthetic, muscular look.
    Incorporate cardio into your routine and you will have stamina, endurance,
    and a healthy cardiovascular system- all the things which crossfit mainly
    strengthens. So get off my dick and go do your hipster bodybuilding
    crossfit shit, and I’ll stick to form and developing muscle twice as fast.

  23. 88soccerboy88 says:

    why does everyone think crossfitters are starting hype!? the people
    starting hype are fucking reebok and all of crossfits sponsers….and the
    reason theyre doing it is to make money….so everyone stfu and stop
    blaming crossfit about starting hype…the real people u should blame is

  24. Gareth David says:

    What frustrates me is what most people that rant about it don’t understand
    is that CrossFit is nothing new, it’s an open source methodology of using
    techniques proven to improve your fitness and physique, so if people think
    it’s better to do something else and you can prove it, CrossFit will change
    to make use of it, as simple as that. It’s a guideline to what generally
    works to make people fit and most who start doing it love it.