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The North Face hoodie torture goes on…with nike shox, mud and g-shock

2nd portion of a split during my summer time split… the hoodie is nevertheless ok, the view too – no surprise …
Movie Ranking: three / 5

Prince at Lifestyle Kings in Sydney attempts on the Reebok Vintage Fall R Hoodie. See it in-retailers:…
Video Ranking: 5 / five

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  1. Masaomi Eric says:

    Nice if you could tie yourself to a car & have someone drive while dragging you from behind wearing your white Nike trackpants etc.. It will be definitely a number 1 video! Sensational!!!

  2. Masaomi Eric says:

    When are you going to trash your white track pants?!? We’re all waiting for that video!

  3. nightynight1990 says:

    What will you do next and when?

  4. MartinSlosh says:

    Paint yeah – next

  5. eelbodb says:

    would be very nice to use it to paint !

  6. skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer says:

    cool vid

  7. baggyfan2000 says:

    Cool bin schon gespannt wie es weiter geht.

  8. sptobi says:


  9. osirisdatz says:

    whats this white pant from ? which brand?

  10. nightynight1990 says:

    What will happen next?

  11. Sk8er26021977 says:

    Take your shoes and socks off during your videos…


  12. sneakergek1 says:

    all that cool gear you trash mate!! nice