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T.Blake Vlog: Reebok Question “Crocus” and Old Women Drivers

My trip into the metropolis to get the Reebok Question Crocus and the Boston Terrier Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt. Continue to be Linked: htt…
Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. T Blake says:

    yeah this week I got nothing for myself that released. went back in time for some old shoes though

  2. T Blake says:

    Anthony I’m going to be free in about two weeks, all my school will be done. Mid may we can definitely get going

  3. Yoanty says:

    Rainy day in Boston haha we need to do a colab vid ASAP

  4. djrange says:

    Not picking up anything this week, at least trying to

  5. iamjaz13 says:


  6. T Blake says:

    yaeh idk why they retail 200

  7. T Blake says:

    yeah they didin;t have my size. I’m after the georgetown questions though

  8. brianlieb14 says:

    Those krokuses are HOT! Man…u didnt want a pair? Nice vlog again tblake dope stuff

  9. Steven Ngo says:


  10. Steven Ngo says:

    i want a pait of crocus…. and i was going to buy the new balance but they 200… everything is soo expensive now a days…

  11. T Blake says:

    its worth the trip! Its hard to find, the outside doesn’t have any sort of sign

  12. T Blake says:

    Thats whats up. Yo shoot me an inbox now, I forgot to email you earlier

  13. iamjaz13 says:

    oh man mass ave . i love my city man. h aha newbury st . july ill be home. good dude man, looking out for other . salute


    love the vlogs definitely gonna try to go to bodega when I go to boston… great vid man!

  15. T Blake says:

    appreciate it man! Thanks for the twitter follow btw

  16. T Blake says:

    Yeah I’m fotunate man. This Terrier shirt is dope