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Reebok BB4600 Hi-tops Cigar smoking and Harness boots

Sporting a pair of Reebok BB4600”s puffing on a cigar in Look for gloves ahead of swaping sneakers out for Harness boots. Reeboks are for sale on ETSY.
Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. sneakersrhot says:

    Love the reeboks…what size

  2. bikertyp says:

    Press your cigar against that leather…mmmhhh…. more….please…

  3. aussiesneaker says:

    Love BB4600’s that are a massive turn on for me.

  4. WIBootdude says:

    Those harness boots are HOT!!!!! Can you do more vids of them boots NICE AND CLOSE UP like you did.  I just licked the monitor here. Thanks for posting. Are they on E-bay?