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NC FIT CLUB: Mailbag Video, Answering Your Questions!

http://www.ncfitclub.web. Did a brief video clip for all of you who had some concerns. In this video clip we chat about the Entire body Beast Supplements, Suma, Reebok Zig S…
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  1. NCFitClub says:

    thanks man!!!

  2. NCFitClub says:

    going to use them next week w/ the Beast phase!!! Can’t wait!

  3. Footender says:

    Whats up dude? Looks like body beast is working for ya! Maybe i missed it in one of your other videos but have you tried or are you putting the bonus Tempo workouts in your routines? I notice in the schedule they are options but we aren’t told to use them at any point. Thanks.

  4. NCFitClub says:

    dude, I appreciate it! lol, I’m my worst critic.

  5. frank laskowitz says:

    your getting fukin big man!! jesus i remember in like day one you said//” i dont think my body can get much bigger than what it is we’ll see what happens” 15 days later..its not only getting cut but BIG!! your muscles are popping out man really nice dude!

  6. stacyspicer says:

    Can women take the supplements?

  7. macuser5555 says:

    Thank you Coach Todd. Excellent mailbag video. I appreciate the fast response. Keep up the great work that you do, peace brutha!

  8. Jose Feliciano says:

    How much are them sharks???? And where did u buy em!!!???