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Bauer Total One and Reebok 11 k helmet review.

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My saucy new reebok 11k helmet. It seems even saucier when the goaltender sees me skating absent right after hittin prime cheddar. Comment charge and subscribe…..i now…
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  1. Josh matthew says:

    new helmet comming out by bauer called the re-AKT

  2. go55061 says:

    the cage is a bauer

  3. Dakota Pitts says:

    what cage is that

  4. Aidan brown says:

    might i say that is really gay

  5. Hockeyplaya19997 says:

    Nice helmet the islanders suck and there are many players in the NHL that use a bauer 4500

  6. Bardeezyy says:

    You are an absolute moron so many NHL players use the 4500 because it’s heat mold able to your head your ignorance amazes me.

  7. totalhockeysnipes1 says:

    Can you sub back please

  8. hockeyd3kes88 says:

    how? because he doesnt have a ccm white cage? i think it looks pretty sick so stop chirping

  9. jake nitsche says:

    no alot of players use the 4500.. semin kovrlchuck are the first ones that come to my mind

  10. jamie rapp says:

    buddy i personally think u r idiotic u know y,….. bcuz absolutely no players that u named hadd the 4500 parise has the easton e700 and so does callahan gborik …..and the others hace 9900 or ccm helmets and u spelled malkins name wrong dude the 4500 is a helmet sold for 19.99 at play it again sports i mean cmon man u have wasted a half an hour of ur life just now

  11. Ernie Bello says:

    umm ryan callahan, eliya kovelchuk, zach parise, marian gaborik, ryan mcdonaugh, evgeni maulkin, mike green, nick lidstrom, ryan kestler…

  12. jamie rapp says:

    dude look it up the 4500 is the lowest helmet from bauer if any pro used it they would be in danger ur thinking of the 9900 u retard

  13. Ernie Bello says:

    yeah that’s why I can count 100 times more pro’s that use the 4500 and like two that use the 11k…

  14. jamie rapp says:

    ive seen ur video of hockey helmet swag listen to me u have the gayest helmet i have ever seen in my life.

  15. Ernie Bello says:

    yeah why the hell would you put a white cage on a white helmet…

  16. jamie rapp says:

    too bad u never get seen on the ice….left bench duster

  17. jamie rapp says:


  18. jake nitsche says:

    take the tru vision off and put a rbe vii cage on

  19. DangleSnipeAnCelly ForTeam says:

    subscribe to me