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The Early Show – Reebok settles suit over butt-shaping shoes

The FTC suggests that Reebok’s promoting for its EasyTone and RunTone footwear was deceptive and has ordered the business to refund consumers million. Erica Hello…

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  1. Demitri Borozny says:

    Hey,stupid.DOES anyone follow directions anymore?Many of the comfort problems with REEBOK EASY TONES came from women wearing socks with them.A DEFINATE NO-NO! Google:are Reebok Easytones supposed to be worn without socks;and find out why.

  2. skreen647 says:

    god damnit her voice is so annoying

  3. Steadno says:

    white girls have pretty eyes and long hair & black girls have big butts and rythem…mix it up in one redbone and shyeah!