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2013 CrossFit Game titles – Pool Function – Rich Froning , Holmberg , Leverich , Panchik , Bridges , Matt Chan CROSSFIT Games Coaching FITTEST ON EARTH.

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  1. Maga Slayer says:

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  2. skyhigh181 says:

    Have you seen “Lean Body Stagger”? (check it out on google) It is a quick way to burn calories fast.

  3. malasideas00 says:

    Is the pool 100 meters long?

  4. Queen55ify says:

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  5. x4gaming says:

    Please someone send me the second part!

  6. steven mathie says:

    oh camon didnt even show the end of it , what the hell !

  7. pjdsk8 says:

    They are fantastic athletes, but they leave so much in the pool. Even the leaders (Except for troyan) fail on some technical aspects.Their heads are too high; they breathe the first stroke off every wall. Leverich picks up his head for a breath going into the turn.

    Admittedly these are nit-picky details that only swimmers will be able to pick up on. I love it when crossfit games include swimming since I can actually hold my own there. I’ll always be a swimmer who dabbles in xfit

  8. djsobuj sobuj says:

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  9. Charlie Vargas says:

    Thank you!!! Shit ill pay 10-20 bucks to watch the games if necessary. I can’t get complete coverage anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get the entire Games.

  10. MrWinningDuh99 says:

    cemlyn jones is so mad

  11. Cemlyn Jones says:

    absolute crap, video finishes before the end of the event. This type of video needs to be pulled.

  12. 06livefast says:

    I unno whatever man crossfit!!!

  13. bromanji1 says:

    it’s not that. they do it in on all these crossfit vids. They slowly walk between stations.

  14. 06livefast says:

    Because they’re exhausted?! lmao

  15. bromanji1 says:

    why do they all slowly walk to the bar?

  16. iq201 says:

    Out of respect they didn’t. Mentioning him would just highlight how much he sucks in this event.