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  1. Jorel Byssainthe says:

    @ Trinicaleb lmfao!!!

  2. WaitingMove says:

    lol, you haven’t got a clue

  3. sefilm1111 says:

    Crossfit-or how to Get injured really fast….

  4. Nubster12 says:

    No, he was. He took testosterone as well.

  5. trinicaleb says:

    The black people are too busy doing street workouts and calisthenics lol

  6. sean alexander says:

    he took steroids as well as a whole load of other stuff. look it up.

  7. Nate Hoffmann says:

    Lance Armstrong used EPO, which increases oxygen content in your blood. He was not taking steroids.

  8. frisky dingo says:

    whats wrong with that

  9. Charismatic Recluse says:

    uh… sure.

  10. Mr813Fla says:

    In the words of Kenny Powers “Working Out Is Not A Sport” … “I’m Not Trying To Be The Best At Working Out”… this is so true. If working out doesn’t translate into success on the field (sport) its in vain. The majority of these guys are people who didn’t make it at a sport. Cross Fit Guy: I can do 200 pull ups non stop in 2 minutes…. UFC Athlete: I can put you in a leg triangle and make you tap in less than 10 seconds.

  11. Mr813Fla says:

    Here is my take on it…. IMO working out is not a sport. Working out/training is the ground work needed to be successful at a sport or enhance skills. Minorities (blacks) put more focus in the end product, which is being a professional athlete. If this cross fit training doesn’t translate into success at the professional sporting level, its in vain. If Power Cleaning 225 50 times doesn’t translate to a: 17 ft Jump shot, 90 mph fast ball, 65 yard passing throw does in really matter????

  12. sean alexander says:

    you have no idea what steroids are, do you? lance armstrong took roids, but i guess cycling isnt high rep….

  13. kohlsblows says:

    Its a 2.1 mile run, cmon thedemiflip, learn to read

  14. Bigus Dickus says:

    blacks are bussy cheering with their wifes in bedrooms ;)

  15. TheDemiflip says:

    3.1 mile run in 12:35?!?!?! WTF? Fastest ever was 12:37….. cmon crossfit.

  16. Adam Wolf says:

    The reason they’re not running at the speed of Olympic track athletes is because the crossfit games are not just a single track event. They’re pacing themselves so they can compete in every event.

  17. Revolution says:

    But track athletes run those same distances much, much faster and can put up the same numbers on the lifting.

  18. Cadbil says:

    They gotta run slow since it’s long distance running. It’s 2.1 miles. It’s very hard for an athlete to sprint a mile, let alone 2.1 miles.

  19. Jose RM says:

    they run so slow… just saying

  20. Parminder Sohi says:

    Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    btw!but ye I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items.

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  21. Xero99 says:

    You have no understanding in how anabolic steroids work do you. There are many different types of steroids that have very different effects. But the steroids you’re thinking of (the ones body builders use) will still make you better at crossfit, they make you stronger and faster, depending on how you train they will help you achieve more in 12 week than a years worth of natural training. There are other option other than steroids and I would put money on that most of them are on something.

  22. srsly101 says:

    Why not? Noone there is overly massive, they’re just all very lean guys. I’d hazard a guess and say not one of them is over 100kg, just very low bodyfat %.

  23. Adrian Salinero says:

    I don’t know men.. I’d like to think those bodies are the result of hard work but not sure… Steroids also need hard work and surely those bodies are not chicken and rice made