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How to cut T-shirts into Tank Tops, Crop Tops, and Fringe Tops

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  1. Whitney Gittens says:

    can i have ur body 0_0?

  2. Mikki Benaglia says:

    awesome video! are you wearing one of your rings from your store on your right hand? the studded one? i couldn’t find it and i love it :3 any info would be appreciated !

  3. Shinji .Shinji says:

    Gonna try cuttingn my fav shirt omfg wish me luck

  4. Cassie Jav. says:

    nice nails!!!

  5. Julie Ankersen says:

    Omg Daf, I’m totz doing the fringe tank top!

  6. Preslei Love says:

    a crop top is a half shirt basically

  7. Damarus Catt says:

    thanks 4 the help!

  8. shanileex says:

    All of these are so cute! Except my scissor sucks, so I’m def. gonna buy a new one and then do all of these 🙂

  9. Cara Jade says:

    Omg Daf, I’m totz doing the fringe tank top!

  10. XxSWSANDPTVxX says:

    Omg Daf, I’n totz doing the fringe tank top

  11. Shell Hoang says:

    i really really like your style :X

  12. Rachael Marjamaa says:

    Ha same with me too cold all the time

  13. Arial Yang says:

    Where I live… I don’t think we have crop tops so thanks for the video!

  14. Anna King says:

    Thank you so much

  15. Victoria Coleman says:

    You might not wanna put scissors by your hair especially hen you open it cause if you do that then close it poof there goes your hair

  16. Diamond Hunt says:

    Crop top.?

  17. Symphony says:

    LOL! “they can’t even cut butter” xD dead!

  18. Jey Irwin says:

    Gonna do them all ^_^ But I dont like that you can see bra 😀 But still gonna wear it

  19. myranda_love says:

    excuse me,
    you spelled virus wrong.

  20. Babydollxxbunny240 says:

    I tried it and made a cool shirt….thankx! 🙂

  21. Laura Horan says:

    You suck at making these!!

  22. shopaholic212121 says:

    I tried this..pretty cool 🙂 thanks!

  23. Henry Le says:

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