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GoFit Push-Up Bars

GoFit Push-Up Bars

  • Pair of press-up stands for constructing and firming pecs and triceps
  • Gripping stands gives you a greater assortment of movement
  • Compact style for simple storage or transportation
  • Provides your upper body muscles a a lot more efficient workout
  • Also great for creating core toughness

The GoFit Thrust-Up Bars are a excellent tool to create your higher human body power. The muscle groups that are mainly used are the pectorals (upper body) and triceps (back again of arms). The GoFit Push-Up Bars allow for a greater assortment of movement, offering you far better and a lot more efficient improvement of these muscle teams.No other workout, exterior of weight education, builds and tones the pectoral and tricep muscle tissues much more effectively than press-ups. Now you can consider your press-ups to the next stage with this pair of GoFit press-up stands. By gripping the handles of the stands, you’ll appreciate a increased assortment of movement in the course of drive-ups, supporting your muscle tissue create even much more effectively. Additionally, the stands are really compact, so you can keep them simply in a closet

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